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Top Online Traders Of 2016

You should put into consideration your level of skill when making online trading choices. If you are a newbie in trading, you will need different and more necessary tools to carry out your trading activities, unlike those who had been in the trading world for some time. The trading platform for a beginner is basic in nature to make understanding much easier.

In the event you are unable to trade by yourself, you can always employ the service of a trading outlet to help carry out the trades on your behalf for a certain percentage return on investment. The trading outlets will provide you with all the necessary information towards making a profit, and they will take the profit-making steps on your behalf.

In this write-up, you will learn about the top online traders in 2016 that you can pitch your tent with as a beginner in trading for consistent trading profits.

CMC Markets

It is a United Kingdom service provider, and they provide trading help in various online trading matters, like Forex trading, binary trading and CFD. They make over 10,000 instruments available to their clients. They have won some awards over the years and had up to 25 years of experience in trading. They provide 24 hours of proper guidance on how to trade profitably.


Their trading interface is well laid out, and it is customized to meet exact needs of the client. They carry out top-tier research tool to enable them to provide their clients with top-level information that can direct them on how to trade profitably. They provide floods of relevant information on the stock market, and they make such information available in an understandable manner to their clients. Their website is at www.fidelity.com. They have successfully beaten S&P since 1990 and have cut a niche for themselves over the years. They are experts in managing clientsā€™ funds like retirement funds and mutual funds. Any client interested in trading will also find them reliable for this purpose.


They provide a cash bonus to their content along with 50 free trades. Their pricing is highly competitive, and they make trading very flexible. They provide top quality value via straightforward commission and added services without adding any form of hidden charges. The trading strategies they provide can help the beginner to drive his/her personal strategy and make it produce more desired result. Clients can rely on them to provide best services in the industry and best value for the investment. They have access to various investment choices and tools that can help boost the trading experience of the beginner. They reached an agreement recently to buy TD Ameritrade.

Option House

Option House has some investment products that will transform the trading experience of the beginner and expert alike. They offer trading options and trading equities as well as trading futures. Their rates are among the most affordable in the market. They offer standard rates that beat most of the other traders in the industry. Their standard fees are low, and their margin & interest rates are affordable. They provide easy-to-understand trading technologies that can only help the trader make more profit on investment. Their services are provided commission-free for 60 days whenever you open and fund a new account with them. They won various awards in the past, like No 1 Options Trading Platform, No 1 Web Based Platform and 2016 best Online Brokers for Options Traders.

TD Ameritrade

They have now partnered with Scottrade, and this can only benefit the trader all the more. They can help the beginner manage his/her trade and ensure he/she can make a profit over time. They existed for more than 40 years, and they have helped some clients achieve their financial goals and objectives. Since they take the trading burden off their clients, such clients can dedicate their precious times to other important things of life, like work, personal projects, and family.

They are highly knowledgeable, and they use their vast knowledge in the world of trading to direct their clients. They provide online support too and have powerful platform and tools to help the trader to trade better. They offer highly comprehensive investment choices to their clients.

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