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How to apply for loan or credit card online in India?

Before internet came into existence applying for a loan from a bank was a tedious task as you had to visit each and every bank and find out the details and apply to these banks individually.

But the time has changed now!

All thanks to internet you can apply for home, car & personal loan online! Not only that you can also find of your eligibility criteria and also compare loan rates of different banks. We call this as convenience at a click.

Apply for loan online

You have two ways in which you can apply for loans online: (Follow the same process to apply for credit cards)

  • Visiting individual bank websites and apply for loans. For comparison you would have to visit their sites individually.
  • Using online loan information aggregating websites where you can compare and apply for loan.

Visiting individual bank websites:

This is a good option provided you have time. Its a time consuming exercise which requires you to constantly surf multiple bank websites and compare interest rates and save the data in an excel sheet or just write it on a piece of paper.

In this option you can also avail special discounts in certain case which aggregating websites fail to consider.

Moreover aggregating websites generally don’t have tie ups with all the banks. They either tie up with big bank providing quality services or with banks which offer higher commissions to them.

Using online loan/ credit card websites (aggregating sites):

Here all you have to do is visit the website and fill in the details they have asked for and you are all set to go.

There are quite a few websites which can help you in applying for loan online. Websites like – bankbazaar, deal4loans, apnapaisa, etc.

There are quite a few websites and there will be many more of such sites in the coming future.

If you know of any such website/s do comment and share with the readers. 

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