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Want loan up to 1 lakh? Arthimpact can help you out.

What do you do when you need a small amount like 50 thousand rupees as a loan for your business? You would ask your parents, relatives or friends, correct? What if they too don’t have for you? What next? Go to the bank… Ah well, that might take some time as it’s a process.

Here is a possible solution. Apply for Happy Loans from Arthimpact.

ArthImpact helps people and business flourish by making it easy and affordable to manage money. ArthImpact offers small monthly loans starting from INR 2000 up to INR 1 Lakh to SME’s in cases when they actually need the cash for future business expansion or just to satisfy short term cash deficit.

It is targeted to 6 million Indian’s who don’t have access to mainstream credit facility.

ArthImpact is rated by Manish Khera who is an entrepreneur, investor and an experienced banker with comprehensive and vast knowledge in microfinance and micro payments, particularly in India.

Manish has been focused on financial inclusion in his previous ventures and roles and has been a veteran in this industry.

Some salient features of Happy Loans

  • Get loans from Rs 2000 to Rs 1 lakh.
  • Flexible repayment tenure in multiple of 1 month.
  • Interest rate of 2 percent per month.
  • No need to rely on family members and friends who might not help you always.
  • The entire process of taking the loan is paperless.
  • A person who has never take loan can start building a credible credit history.
  • Hassle free process just 2 clicks and the loan amount is in your bank account.
  • No prepayment fine.

It’s a brilliant concept and can be helpful to people with no access to the mainstream credit facility.

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