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Evaluate your expenses and avoid credit card spending

Its mid of the month and its now time to evaluate your spendings. Hope you have been tracking your expenses.

You surely had a budget in your mind to evaluate and find out if you are running on a budget or have you been overspending?

I just evaluated my expenses and I am running over my budget and will be controlling it for the remaining month to be in line with my planned spending limit.

Another thing which I am going to do is temporary block my credit card so as to avoid my extra spending.

I recommend you to avoid credit card spending if you are running above your budget.

How to avoid credit card spending?

Here are some proven ways for you –

  • If you have multiple cards try getting rid of most of them and just keep one or max two cards. This will help you to reduce your overspending and you can keep a proper track of your card spending when you have a few cards or at best single card. I use one credit card only.
  • Delete Your Saved Credit Card Information from websites where you shop often. In this way, you might think before you spend.
  • Call your credit card company and reduce your credit card limit if you think you have a very high credit limit.
  • Give credit cards to your family members and ask them to keep them safe so you don’t overspend.
  • These days a lot of credit card companies offer temporary freezing of credit cards. You might want to do this if you think you are overspending.
  • Most important thing. If you spend money with your card make sure you repay on time so as to avoid any charges.

Have a tip to avoid credit card spending? Share with us in the comments below.

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