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Can Sensex surpass 25K before elections?

Yesterday Sensex crossed 24K mark  intraday. It closed a 100 odd points below the same level, although it made a new life time high on closing basis.

Markets gained yesterday because of the exit poll results. The exit polls have predicted that, the NDA will get between 249 – 340 seats whereas the UPA will likely end up with anywhere between 70 – 148 seats.

Many election centric stocks gained yesterday!

According to an article on NDTV Investors need to be cautious as the exit poll had suggested NDA would win 2004 election but UPA government won and came into power.

These are just poll results and not the actual results if you don’t want to  speculate it better to take a backseat and just wait for the elections results before you can pump in some money in the stock markets. 

What’s your take?

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