Prepare a budget and stick to it!

Now that you have started tracking your expenses daily you know how much you spend and on what do you spend. Also, you have compiled a list of your income sources and fixed expenses. Day 3 – It’s time to prepare a budget. Budget is allocating some part of the money for some specific purpose. [...]

Did you start tracking your daily expenses which were our day 1 task? Let’s get on to Day 2. This is quite simple as well, it’s kind of a continuation to day 1. Here you will have to compile your income from all sources. Consider all your fixed income in the calculation of this. Your [...]

Happy new year people. #Day 1 task It’s very important to track what you spend. Have you ever done it? Well, I had seen my parents do this and I follow this till day. Result – I tray to save 2 to 3 percent more every month and we all know how compounding works, rite! [...]

Merry Christmas! Have you decided your new year’s resolution yet? If the answer is no we have a new year resolution or you can call it a challenge for you. We are coming up with a new article series “31 Days to improve your financial life” starting from 01 – Jan – 2019 daily one [...]

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a vehicle offered by mutual funds to help you save regularly. It can be compared with bank Rd’s and Rd’s with post offices the only difference being mutual funds invest in debt, equity or both. Mutual fund companies invest on your behalf in your selected fund every month on [...]

One of the most awaited day of this year was yesterday, the nation got a new Prime Minister – Narendra Modi who won clear cut yesterday. The exit polls had predicted a similar kind of victory for the NDA. For the first time in 30 years a party has won clear majority on its own. In [...]