Daily Knowledge

We all dream of buying a home. In fact, I would say it’s good to have one property which you can call it your own. A physical property will serve as a tangible fixed asset which will provide returns in the form of appreciation and rental income in case you rent it out. These days [...]

This is one of the queries I recently got at one of my workshops. Obviously, this did not have a straight answer and hence I told him I shall revert by email later. By instinct, I felt it is very much possible.  I sat down and wrote this: Yes, it is very much possible and [...]

Like we discussed day before yesterday about the eighth wonder of the world – compound interest. Here is one interesting case we came across. Real life case :) Compounding is what multiplies your money. If the interest rate/ expected interest is – 10% per annum. Compounding frequency – annual. Rupees 100 would double in 10 [...]

There has to be a direct co-relation with home sales and home loans number. One goes up other follows. Demand for houses is ever increasing and so is the demand for fresh capital in form of home loan. A recent study by JLL stated that home sale has surged 40% in the last 9 months majorly [...]

The banking system in India had gone for a crazy ride with ever increasing NPA’s and the Nirav Modi scam and not to forget the latest IL&FS liquidity crunch saga which has impacted the banking system as a whole. Even ICICI the big four bank of India was impacted by allegations of fraud on its [...]

Credit cards are like a hands-on cash without having the physical paper cash with you. It is much easier to do transactions. In this web and related apps era, Credit cards work as a boon. A sixteen digit number, validity section, CVV number and all you have to do is enter them! This is when [...]

Whether it’s our personal life or financial life, good habits go a long way in keeping us healthy and happy. There are some financial habits that one must inculcate irrespective of their age or financial status. Having a disciplined approach to finance will ensure that you stay financially comfortable and are able to achieve your [...]

Guest post from HrBlock.  Mistakes are inevitable and make us more human because without them we would not be able to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad and so on. However, some mistakes can cost you a lot more than what you are eventually, begrudgingly, willing to part with. Making errors while e-filing [...]

Reliance Industries has just entered in the list of Indian companies with more than 100 billion in market capitalization. RIL has actually re-entered in the 100 billion club, previously it entered in 2008. TCS entered this club about 2 months back and still holds the spot of the largest company in India in terms of [...]

NPA of Indian banks 2018

NPA has been the buzzword for the Indian banking industry this year. Fraud was the second word related to this industry which is trending. NPA of Indian banks is at an all-time high. The amount is now standing at a whopping 8,5,000 crores. Of this 90 percent is of PSU banks and rest is of Private [...]