2020 has changed the face of economies and global business systems. A year ago, nobody could have imagined a completely virtual world where businesses, offices, governments, and almost every aspect of daily life has gone digital. Today, digitization has penetrated every walk of life. It is no longer a mere enabler of business. It has [...]

Whatever your reason for investing – be it retirement, a college fund for your child, or a major future purchase – it is a good idea to start as soon as possible. There are some basic ideas you should consider as you get started. Before committing money to any investment, you should ask yourself the [...]

Moneyfy is a Mutual fund investment app by Tata Capital. On this app, you can plan your goals with the help of inbuilt calculators and you can also research mutual funds and invest in them all from the app itself. The app aims to provide customers with an innovative suite of investment options digitally and [...]

Lakshmi Vilas Bank under moratorium

The central government has decided to place the Lakshmi Vilas Bank(LVB) under moratorium till December 16, 2020, based on an application made by RBI. The bank will not be allowed to make payments exceeding ₹25,000 to any creditors/depositors. However, depositors will be allowed to withdraw more than  25,000 with permission from the RBI for purposes [...]

Introduction of Aadhar PVC Card

UIDAI launched the Aadhaar card in a completely new form, reprinted as a PVC card. The size of the new PVC Aadhaar card is that of an ATM or a debit card which can be easily carried in wallets. Indian citizens can get their Aadhaar reprinted on a PVC card by paying nominal charges of [...]

I am sure almost everyone loves to watch movies! What if you can learn finance while watching movies – it won’t get boring, correct? Here is your chance to become a pro in finance by watching financial education-based movies on MoneyFlix. MoneyFlix is an OTT platform that aims to educate people on the complex and [...]

A Brief Introduction: Well, we all are human beings and we often do make mistakes. The bankers are responsible for the updating of CIBIL reports every month. But there are chances of mistakes while doing certain data entries. The mistakes may include the wrong account and loan type, wrong status, wrong ownership type, wrong dates, [...]

Almost everything today is available online be it fashion, food, tickets, or anything else. Online financial services have also advanced to a great extent with more and more people using online and mobile banking services. I don’t remember when I last visited my bank branch, thanks to mobile banking. The online broking industry is no [...]

The rate of women entrepreneurship has steadily increased over last few years. Finance is regarded is one of the major problem for women entrepreuners. Government has introduced various schemes to support women in setting up business. These schemes are mentioned below: Stree Shakti Package For Women Entrepreneurs: This is a SBI-run scheme to support entrepreneurship [...]

So how was yesterdays task? Were you able to figure out things which you wanted to get rid off? Today’s task is a little more challenging one, but I am sure some of you might have performed this at some point in time. The task is calculating your net worth. Day 7 – Calculate your [...]