I hope you have completed all the 4 previous tasks. If not you would want to complete them today as it’s the weekend. Day 1 – Track your expenses; download an expense tracker app Day 2 – Compile your income and fixed expenses Day 3 – Prepare a budget and stick to it! Day 4 [...]

Did you prepare a budget? Now you might know where all would you want to spend, how much to spend and how much to save. If you haven’t budged till now, you can consider doing it right now. Day 4 – Save money wherever it is possible Rupee saved is a rupee earned. One life [...]

Did you start tracking your daily expenses which were our day 1 task? Let’s get on to Day 2. This is quite simple as well, it’s kind of a continuation to day 1. Here you will have to compile your income from all sources. Consider all your fixed income in the calculation of this. Your [...]

India is one of the fastest growing major economies globally. As per 2018 stats this year it dethroned UK and became the 5th largest economy in terms of GDP. In 2017 it had dethroned France to become the 6th largest economy as you can see in the stats below. Rank Country GDP (US$ Trillion)   [...]

Term insurance is a type of life insurance plan which provides coverage for a certain term, the term is generally fixed and predefined say 10 years, 20 years 35 years, etc. If the insured dies during the time period specified in the policy and then a death benefit will be paid to the nominee who is mentioned by [...]

People make a lot of mistakes while performing any given tasks if they don’t do sufficient research beforehand. We had previously written on learning from the mistakes of others while investing in stock markets. Lets first try and discuss the relation between stock market investing and gambling.  Is Stock Market Investing Gambling? People shy off from [...]

Firstly wishing every reader a Very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year ahead. The Indian stock markets had a crazy ride since last Diwali. Indices reached at all time high and later on dropped again due to global issues like trade war, crude oil prices and also some domestics issues relating to liquidity crunch [...]

I recently planned to move to a bigger home and went to sell my flat. I contacted local brokers and told them about the same. The first thing they tell me is that I am asking too much compared to the market, anyways they will try but told me to keep the rates negotiable to which [...]

Indian stock markets have been booming since 2014 but there was just a hurdle it faced off lately due to Indian banking crisis aka PNB crisis, the introduction of Long-term capital gain tax again and a few global cues due to US president Donald Trump’s trade war with China. Needless to say, equities are here [...]

**Note – It’s unofficial to buy Cryptocurrencies in India now.  Bitcoin is the buzz word these days which reached to fame when it gave multifold returns last year. From 1000 odd USD to 19200 USD and now at 11200 USD levels. The chart below will explain you the roller coaster ride. So do you have [...]