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What is Hashtag banking?

Hashtag does it all in this digital world. The social media era has made a wide influence on the banking sector as well. Banks are realizing that youngsters who are socially active on Twitter and Facebook would anytime prefer a bank account that can be combined with the social media. It is hence called as ‘’Social media [...]

When it comes to individuals financial profiles there are usually three categories of people. The first are the people who spend beyond their means, the second kind of people who are able to just spend what they have and then the third group of people will spend less than they can afford. It’s been estimated [...]

NAV stands for Net Asset Value, it is the value of a Mutual Funds assets less the value of its liabilities. By mutual fund I mean a particular scheme/fund of an AMC. [Checkout: All about investing in Mutual Funds] The formula which is used to calculate NAV is:  Net Asset Value of a mutual fund (MF) = Total assets managed – [...]

Before internet came into existence applying for a loan from a bank was a tedious task as you had to visit each and every bank and find out the details and apply to these banks individually. But the time has changed now! All thanks to internet you can apply for home, car & personal loan online! [...]

How to become KYC compliant?

Know your customer (KYC) is a process which is followed by banks and various other financial institutions by collecting certain documents to establish clients identity. Know Your Customer (KYC) has become compulsory since last couple of years. Buy a Mutual Fund, open a new bank account KYC is compulsory! It is essential for every investor [...]

It is seen that Indian’s tend to save more and send back money home. This year the inflow is expected to be around 70 billion USD compared to 64 billion USD last year. In this post I have mentioned a few ways to send money to India from Europe. Most of the services mentioned below [...]

In India there are many online portfolio management tools available, almost all run on similar lines but with some uniqueness. Here I have done a small comparative analysis on 4 free online portfolio management tools in India. Things to look out for, while searching for a best portfolio management tool: Can you track your Equity investment [...]

(We are starting “How To” series to help young investors start investing and also aiming for better & higher financial inclusion in India) PAN Card is issued by the Income Tax Department of India and PAN Card number is a 10 digit alphanumeric code/number. It is one of the most important document in any financial [...]