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Check out the EMI Calculator

I was trying to make an EMI Calculator on excel but I stopped working on it as I came across this awesome calculator from BankBazaar which I have embedded it here on this blog.

Whatever you shop you look for an EMI option. Let it be a cell phone or a plasma TV.

I think we as humans have been addicted to this system and we tend to make impulsive purchase because of this.

It is advisable to control your impulsive purchase behavior.

But not always you can get rid of EMI specially when you plan to buy a new home or a new car or even if you want to take a personal loan for your sisters marriage.

EMI Calculator

Why EMI calculator?

EMI calculator will help you find out how much do you owe to the bank and how frequently do you have to re-pay them, it can also be called as amortization schedule.

How can you use the calculator?

Its quite easy to use! All you have to do is just add a few parameters like the loan amount, tenor, interest rate and the processing fee. And you are done..

Check out the: EMI Calculator

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