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The best places to do business globally

Ease of doing business list is out by UN and the country which tops the list is New Zealand, it has overtake Singapore which was on the top of this list for quite sometime now.

Top 10 countries in – Ease of doing business list:

Country Rank in 2017 Rank in 2007
New Zealand 1 2
Singapore 2 1
Denmark 3 7
Hong Kong 4 5
Korea 5 23
Norway 6 9
U.K. 7 6
U.S. 8 3
Sweden 9 13
Macedonia 10 92

Macedonia which was placed 92nd in the list 10 years back is now at 10th. This is one of the biggest jump by any country.

Japan remains at 34th position, China at 78th (earlier was 84th) and India’s rank remains unchanged at 130th. 

The reforms by the BJP government in India are yet to show its color it seems.

Data source – Bloomberg 

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