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Edelweiss Mobile trader is a must have app for stock market investors

Indian stock markets have been booming since 2014 but there was just a hurdle it faced off lately due to Indian banking crisis aka PNB crisis, the introduction of Long-term capital gain tax again and a few global cues due to US president Donald Trump’s trade war with China.

Needless to say, equities are here for long term. A lot of reports have projected Sensex to cross 100,000 mark by 2024-25.  This reminds me of what ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala once said: “In Bull Market Journey From Mumbai To Delhi, India’s Only Reached Borivali” (People familiar with Mumbai will surely understand this).

One of the major reason is expanding economy and also a lot of money pouring in from FII’s, DII’s and Mutual funds in equity markets.

If you already invest you might know the potential if not I would suggest you study the future of Indian economy.

Do you invest or trade? Which app/s do you use to get information?

I recently downloaded this app – Edelweiss Mobile trader (EMT App) and I have become a big fan of this app as I constantly track stocks and indices.

The app is a combination of speed, stability, and simplicity you will get to know this once you read the article ahead.

One of my morning rituals is to check the SGX NIFTY as I wake up. It involves a lot of efforts like opening the website and checking it daily on my mobile phone browser. But this changed once I started EMT app. The app notifies me of a live rate twice before the market opens.

The app is bundled with other amazing features which are open and free for all like –

One page glimpses of the whole Equity market which has almost all the details you would want to know. It has all major indices, INR – USD spot rate and even the NSE advance and decline ratio. They also give live commentary during market hours and also before the markets start.

Not only does it give you information on equities but also derivatives and commodities. Also, you can track the VIX and option chain, open interest analysis of stocks and indices along with rollover rates and percentages.

You can also get their short term, medium term and long term research call on equities, derivatives, and currencies. The research calls are accompanied by a brief report and their rationale behind the call.

Another section which I track very closely is news. Most of the people who invest or trade are hungry for news which is accurate and timely and this app does the job right there. It also helps you keep a track of the company-specific news.

Basic fundamental analysis can be done with the help of this app – it features key ratios like PE, EPS, PB, Div yields, etc. Also, news related to a particular stock can be seen along with upcoming corporate action events.

One of the best features which I enjoy on this app is the technical analysis. The app has done some amazing work out there. You can plot a chart be it index or of a particular stock and perform the analysis you need. It comes with a lot of technical indicators like the moving averages, RSI, Bollinger bands, EMA, SMA, etc. Even if you are not a technical guy like me you will fall in love with technical analysis and start learning it because of the kind of charts you can plot and also download them in form of an image on your phone.

There is one indicator which is probably not available anywhere on a charting website called “Super-Trend”. I am trying to study this indicator and will update in a follow-up post soon.

You can also trade/ invest in stocks from this app for which you need to be their client.

The app is available for both android and apple phones. Would suggest you download it and share your views and recommendations.

Also not to forget the app is one of the highest rated stock market app in India.

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