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Evaluate and sell old unwanted stuff

We have come quite far. We are on day 6 today. I am sure you have been following this challenge. We have got several queries on emails and we are very humbled by your participation.

Hope you have listed down your financial goals yesterday.

Day 6 – Search for unwanted stuff and sell it.

I am sure we all have a lot of unwanted stuff at home which we can actually sell it.
Why should we sell it off?

  • Unwanted things might attract a high maintenance cost.
  • They do occupy a lot of space in your wardrobe or other storage areas.
  • Create some extra cash and you could buy things that matter.
  • Some stuff might have become outdated and you might just want to get rid of them so as to adjust with the latest trend.

I found an interesting article on how to find out stuff to sell on wiki how.
How can we sell them?

There are a lot of online platforms where we can sell them. Try using Olx, Quickr, and Facebook groups to sell your old and unwanted things.

You might also want to sell it offline to scrap dealers sometimes.

So today is a relaxed day – find out things you don’t need, search for a market where you can sell it and sell it. Quite simple.

Comment below and let us know unwanted things you would be selling.

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