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Whats your Financial Resolution for 2014?

First and foremost Happy New Year to each and every one! May God fulfill all what you have desired 🙂

Now, Let me ask you a question?

How was the year 2013 in terms of finance for you? Did you save enough, invest enough or did you over spend? 


If you didn’t save enough and over spent.. Its high time that you tighten your pockets this year! Start saving enough..

If your income is less try for a new job or start a part-time home based business. This will help you in earning more and you will land up saving  more and eventually settling you in financial terms.

Try getting rid of using credit cards excessively! 

I know a person who used to use plastic money very often and had fallen in a trap and it took him about 6 months to get out of that trap.. Use them but have certain limits.. (I personally don’t use credit cards, I use debit cards)

Did you get your self insured? or your family?

Did you buy yourself a term plan? No? Get it this year..

Did you start a SIP for disciplined investing? No? Why not, start it this year?

So this year save enough, get rid of impulsive purchase habit, get yourself a term plan, start SIP and read more about finance as you can best manage your own money!

What else is your financial resolution for 2014? Comment and share your thoughts.. 

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