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Select a motor insurance that can save you some cost

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Day 11 – Get the best motor insurance deal

Your car’s insurance might not be due for renewal currently but we would want you to keep these points in your mind.

Here is how you can get the best car insurance deal –

  • Know what exactly is your need? What is your requirement?
  • Don’t always look for a Cheap Option. Look for a suitable and best option.
  • Check for the insurer’s reputation and the claim settlement ratio.
  • Claim your NCB benefit
  • Compare the maximum number of plans online. There are various websites like policybazzar, coverfox where you can compare various policies offered by different companies.
  • Take help from an insurance agent if need be.
  • Choose the insurance riders wisely.

Check out Motor insurance offered by InsureTech brand COCO

So, today research and find out the best insurance policy for your motor vehicle.

Image source – Business Today

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