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Few steps you should take to get your insurance claim settled easily.

“I had applied for an insurance claim settlement since quite some time now but I have not yet received the claim. Why does it take so long to negotiate a claim?” You might have heard about this frequently. Any person who has spent his/her hard earned money on insurance premiums would expect his claims to get settled as quickly as possible. There are various reasons why a claim might not be settled quickly or even might get rejected. Some of these reasons include – not disclosing all the accurate information, not disclosing the facts, etc.

Here are a few steps which will ensure effective Insurance Claim Settlement:

Disclose all information:

One of the most common factors for denial of a claim is wrong details offered when purchasing an insurance policy. It is very important to be honest while stuffing up the types and reveal all information, such as age, earnings evidence, health like hypertension, diabetic issues, etc, and way of life routines such as smoking, consuming alcohol, etc.. Many people ignore these statements as it may result them paying a higher premium. An insurance agreement is joined into on the foundation of “utmost good faith”, and it is obligatory upon the insurance holder to be aware of this. By disclosing all the facts you might end up paying a bit of higher premium but this would insure a peace of mind and also result in smooth claim settlement process.

Insurance Claim

Pay premiums regularly:

To ensure that your family can enjoy of the benefit of the plan cover you have taken for their financial security, you need to pay premiums regularly. Once the plan is ordered, one must not standard on any of the premium expenses. For example, if the customer seems that he/ she will be more comfortable paying premium every month rather than a mass sum (lump sum) yearly then he/she should opt for monthly premium payment. Also, if an ongoing premium expense is not possible due to any reason, the covered should notify the plan provider before the policy lapses. Most insurance companies take into account legitimate conditions and make necessary conditions like making the plan a paid-up plan to help the customer.


It is also recommended that the Claim be presented along with original/attested loss of life document as this is the most significant papers for Claim producing. The certification list necessary for Claim producing is available on the website of the company/s. Hence, it is recommended that a Claim be authorized with all the necessary certification in one go. This would assist in faster producing of Claim.

Read the policy statements carefully:

Denial of statements can be prevented if the client has appropriate understanding of the policy and is cautious while going through its terms & conditions. It is crucial that the person who is covered knows each and every situation of the plan/policy and points out any misunderstandings he/she might have with the insurance provider.

Inform the Nominee:

Last but not the least it’s your responsibility to keep your nominee informed about the plan and its advantages and conditions. All the records associated with the insurance cover must also be kept properly and within the complete understanding of the nominee, so that while making the claim he/ she can offer the insurance provider with all the appropriate information instantly.

Follow these simple steps and you can get your claim settled easily.

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