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How I sold my flat without a broker and how you can sell it too

I recently planned to move to a bigger home and went to sell my flat. I contacted local brokers and told them about the same.

The first thing they tell me is that I am asking too much compared to the market, anyways they will try but told me to keep the rates negotiable to which I agreed.

Two weeks passed by and they started getting people for a house visit. I started getting offers which were 20 percent to 35 percent below what I had initially quoted.

Brokers were of the opinion that sell of the flat this is the best you can get. He just wants to make some money in form of brokerage he won’t give a damn about what rate I am getting.

Fast-forward 6 months the situation didn’t change. So I decided to try online real estate portals and got my flat listed on 99acers.com, housing.com, and magicbricks.com.

And to my surprise, I started to get a lot of calls from direct buyers and other brokers.

I opted for a paid plan from magicbricks.com and was a total waste of my money. Didn’t make sense and won’t recommend the same to anyone.

Housing.com was better comparatively they took an appointment time and came to survey the house and click a few pics and that too at no cost. And from everywhere I listed my flat housing.com gave me the most leads. Also, the buyer who bought the flat came from housing.com. He bought it just 8% below of what I had initially offered for, I got a good deal and saved on my brokerage as well.

Benefits of selling flat without a broker are that you save a lot of money on brokerage and why have middlemen when there are a lot of websites which can help you sell at no or minimal cost? Ultimately even your local broker might get it listed on these sites so why not get it listed yourself and save some money for your next flat?

You can also search for a flat which is directly listed by owners. Make the best use of filters when searching for houses online in these portals. Check out the filters I use below to search a flat online without a broker.

List of websites where you can buy or sell your flat/s online –

  • Maakan.com
  • Housing.com
  • Magicbricks.com
  • Propertytiger.com
  • 99acers.com
  • Sulekha.com
  • OLX.com
  • Quicker.com
  • Nobroker.com

You can share your experiences and list of websites if you find some website which I should mention here.

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