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Business Insider shares How to become a Billionaire..

Not many get rich just by investing, a few for sure do like Warren Buffett, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and other billionaire investors.

For some to become billionaire needs hard work and smart work off-course.

Most of billionaires have built products and services which have benefited millions! So if you wish to become a billionaire you need to solve these problems pointed out by Business Insider:

  1. Wireless Power
  2. Rural, Remote Internet
  3. Cheap, Scalable solar
  4. Clean Coal
  5. Low cost international payments
  6. Pill to loose weight
  7. Cheaper desalination
  8. Detecting/predicting major weather or natural events
  9. Passwords which cannot be hacked
  10. Death

You have some other idea which can be further added to the list? Comment and do share it across.

Check out the complete article  on Business Insider.

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