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How to become an equity research analyst?

Equity Research is one of the most buzzed career options for a person graduation in finance. Any one and everyone who wanted to make a career in the field of finance wanted to get into equity research and if not equity research then investment banking.

In this article I will cover a generic view of how can one become an equity research analyst.

How to become an equity research analyst

To get a job in equity research you need to –

  • Be a graduate (Commerce or B. Tech)
  • An MBA degree (Preferably from the top b-schools)
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Chartered Financial Analyst – CFA, USA.

A combination of bachelors and a master’s degree in business or economics. Most of the analyst these days have a combination of masters degree and a CFA certification.

Completing all three levels of CFA is preferred.

One can also be a self proclaimed analyst, but investors would prefer analysts who are educated from top b-schools and universities. A self proclaimed analyst is the one who does his own research (for which some basic financial analysis skills are needed) and start publishing research on various media’s online and offline.

There are a few NCFM certifications which can add-on to your knowledge on equity research.

Equity research analyst should also:

  • Read a lot of news
  • Have good analytic skills
  • Should be good at adopting technology and should also be good in MS excel.

Quite a few brokerage houses in India will also help you plan your career in this field. One generally starts as an intern in equity research and gradually advances to become an analyst.

India is a booming economy and more and more people are participating in equity trading and there will be a need for more analysts in coming future.

There are a few interesting books which you might want to check out:

How to Get an Equity Research Analyst Job: A Guide to Starting a Career in Asset Management by Gillian Elcock – check the book out here.

Equity Research and Valuation by Dun & Bradstreet. –  check the book out here.

If you are an equity research analyst then please comment, share your thoughts and insights.

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