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Help your friend identify which mutual fund best suits him on this Mutual Fund Day

Mutual funds are one of the best savings come investment instruments available to common investors. It is easy to invest in Mutual funds.It is just a click away once your KYC is done.

MF’s are loaded with multiple benefits which typically include systematic savings in form of SIP’s and also capital appreciation from a long-term perspective. Another major benefit is the expertise which these fund houses have and the way they manage the fund in terms of stock/ bond picking and diversification.

Less than 3 percent of the Indian population currently invests in Mutual funds.This is majorly due to lack of knowledge.

Assets under management in India stand at Rs 17.37 trillion as of Jan 2017, the penetration is still low compared to other emerging economies.

To solve this issue Reliance Mutual Fund came up with a concept of Mutual Fund Day which is held on 7th of every month. The logic behind this concept is to help investors become disciplined and save regularly. A lot of people want to invest in MF’s but they don’t know how they can go about it for this Reliance Mutual Fund has also started financial health check-ups at various locations across the nation. This is to help investors understand their profile and how they can take their first step towards investing. By this, investors can fulfill their dreams.

They have also come up with Fund for a Friend – now this is something really interesting. A friend will know you better than anyone else. He knows your temperament, attitude, and personality. Fund for a friend is a Facebook app where you have to answer a few questions on behalf of your friend. These are simple questions relating to his hobbies and habits which you surely can answer.Based on this the app will suggest you a type of fund which your friend should choose.

You can check the app here. You will have to log into your Facebook account.

If you know mutual funds well you should help your friends out for the same. Educate your friends and spread the financial wisdom for the greater good.

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