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Indiabulls “Shubh” an interesting way to increase your returns by saving on brokerage fee

Almost everything today is available online be it fashion, food, tickets, or anything else. Online financial services have also advanced to a great extent with more and more people using online and mobile banking services. I don’t remember when I last visited my bank branch, thanks to mobile banking.

The online broking industry is no exception to this. Young Indians now prefer trade on their own via mobile or other web-based platforms.

Online broking gained importance in India after the crisis of 2008/09. The industry has now advanced to mobile – app-based trading.

Since 2013 the discount brokers are on a rise in India. Discount brokers have drastically brought down the broking fees.

Indiabulls ventures limited is one of the leading stock brokers in India. It is also one of the pioneers in online trading in India.

It recently launched an online/mobile trading platform called Shubh.

Shubh is a discount broking platform that offers several plans which suit everyone’s needs.

Shubh mobile app offers the following things –

  • One-click trade execution
  • Advanced charts and market research
  • Monitor investments in real-time
  • Trade anytime from anywhere at your own convenience.

The young generation likes to trade online. A lot of these young people who are trading online prefer discount brokers.

Shubh gives its customers a choice of the plan that suits their broking needs starting at Rs 1000 per month and offering unlimited trading along with zero brokerage on equities and also on F&O trades. Along with this it also offers 0 interest on margin funding facility.

It is very easy to open an account on Shubh. You can check the below video which can help you in creating a new account.

Comparison with other brokers –

The main aim of Indiabulls is to create savings on brokerage fees. This will indirectly increase the returns generated by the investor or a trader.

The company also has a state of the art IT infra and this should not lead to any issue with order management.

As an introductory offer, the company has announced free trading for the first 30 days with no subscription charges for new customers.

For more details, you can visit their website – link to their site.

You can also open an account and trade via their app.

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