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Make informed decisions on Bajaj Finserv’s new smart website

How many times have you stumbled upon a service website that has its purpose to educate its consumers and make their life better instead of selling themselves. Maybe never! Now when the consumers are more aware than ever and do thorough research about the product/service that they’re looking to avail, it’s more than essential for businesses to provide their consumers with the relevant information to educate them. Imagine the pressure and confusion that an uninformed consumer must have in his mind when it comes to financing related decisions. And, that’s where Bajaj Finserv has played their card and hopefully will win a brownie point for their consumers.

Bajaj Finserv, keeping consumer experience at the heart of this design overhaul, has completely revamped their website by integrating smart tools and relevant content. Bajaj Finserv has focused on providing their consumers with the best of experience with their visually engaging and intelligent tools and calculators. Once a visitor lands on the website, they have a search bar in front of them which helps them to navigate through the site and look for the information they want. Apart from this, the website has been deeply integrated with the algorithms that provide relevant content to consumers. With such content at their disposal, consumers can understand the services better and make informed decisions.

Besides this, the load time of the website seems to be at the lower end – and that is a surprise for a site so elaborate. Such smart blend of technology and content is something that’s a new high for a company in the service sector.

Apart from the smart design, Bajaj Finserv has also launched a video content that pops-up the very same moment you land on the website. This video is informative enough to make viewers aware of the know-how of website and enable them to find whatever information they are looking for.

Such step taken by a brand like Bajaj Finserv to keep their consumer needs as a priority and provide an optimised solution is a step taken towards better consumer experience.

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