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MoneyFlix is a new way to learn complicated finance in a fun way!

I am sure almost everyone loves to watch movies! What if you can learn finance while watching movies – it won’t get boring, correct? Here is your chance to become a pro in finance by watching financial education-based movies on MoneyFlix.

MoneyFlix is an OTT platform that aims to educate people on the complex and boring world of finance in a fun and entertaining way. With MoneyFlix, one can learn the simplest investing principles and complex trading strategies. Their aim is to target beginners and experienced people in the field of investing.

It has content segregated in the following categories – trading, investing, and personal finance. Most people don’t have a clear understanding of personal finance concepts, which help one in making informed financial decisions. Personal finance is not taught in schools or colleges so this platform proves to be of great help for everyone.

“The integration of technology in the financial services industry has been radical in uplifting customer experience. However efforts towards literacy have often been complex and hence, the idea was to create content that even millennials resonate with. This new digital-first endeavor would help us take investing and trading education to even the remotest parts of the country,” said Rahul Ghose, Head of MoneyFLIX.

The platform is available in web format, and in-app format on Android, and will soon be available on iOS as well.

If you check out MoneyFlix you will find they have two types of content – Premium,and Free. I checked out a couple of videos in the Free section and they are just amazing. Give it a try.

An interesting feature on the website is voice note-taking. Most apps would give you an option to take notes by typing, MoneyFlix has this feature of verbal note-taking where you can record your voice to take notes. I liked this feature the most.

Some salient features –

  • All movies have subtitles available in multiple languages.
  • Content useful for beginners and people already active in the field of finance, stock markets, and investment
  • Multiple free videos are available on the platform.
  • The movie duration on this platform ranges from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • They plan to launch the platform in multiple Indian languages soon.

My take –

I see a lot of people spending Rs 3,000 per month on stock tips for whom I feel this would be a good platform where they can learn the art of stock picking and become experts themselves.

I personally wanted to learn technical analysis and I think I have found the correct way to learn on MoneyFlix.

This platform would be really helpful for students in schools and for non-finance professionals for whom finance is a frightening word.

MoneyFlix offers two plans for its users; a monthly plan priced at Rs 990+ GST and an annual plan priced at Rs 1,990 + GST. Get Rs 200/- off by using the following code while subscribing – vinod486253

Let’s make learning fun!





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