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Moneyfy – Mutual fund investing made simple

Moneyfy is a Mutual fund investment app by Tata Capital.

On this app, you can plan your goals with the help of inbuilt calculators and you can also research mutual funds and invest in them all from the app itself.

The app aims to provide customers with an innovative suite of investment options digitally and help make investment smarter and simpler.

Moneyfy is for both beginners and experienced mutual fund investors. You can choose to invest in any mutual fund from all the leading fund houses in India.

Here on this app not only you can invest in Mutual funds but you can also apply for loans and buy an insurance cover.

Key features of Moneyfy:

Online e-KYC: Once you download the app you can complete the KYC on the app itself and start investing. It’s that simple! The app would require you to furnish a few details like your PAN number and your Aadhar card details.

Start your SIP’s: You can start your SIP with an amount as low as Rs 500/-. Select a fund in which you want to invest and start your SIP. You have the flexibility to choose between monthly investment and quarterly investment. Select the SIP date which best suits you.

Calculators: The app also has several in-built calculators like an investment, EMI, calculators which will help you make smart financial decisions.

Goal-based investment options: Investing should be done based on a particular goal. Empirical evidence state that goal-based investing has worked out well in the past.

There are various goals from which you can choose:

  • Purchase your dream home
  • Invest to buy a car
  • Checking off a dream vacation
  • Funding higher education
  • Enjoying a carefree retirement
  • Funding a big fat wedding
  • Building wealth for Financial freedom
  • Bringing your custom goals to life

Mutual fund scanner: The app has several filters from which you can shortlist and select the mutual fund which best suits your need and risk.

You get to select from the following filters:

  • Category & Sub Category of the fund
  • Rating – Morning Star & Value Research – Individually and Separately
  • Risk Rating
  • Tax Benefits
  • Fund Size
  • By AMC
  • By Fund Manager
  • Minimum SIP Amount

You also get to choose from various mutual funds between equity, debt, and hybrid, Large, mid, and small-cap, you can also select based on a particular sector.

Details relating to a particular Mutual Fund scheme: You can find out how who the fund manager is, minimum investment value, portfolio size, assets invested in. etc.

Moneyfy Top Picks: The app also showcases the top picks from their side. You have an option to choose from the top pick funds as well.

If you wish to invest in Mutual Funds or if you wish to start your next SIP you should consider investing through Moneyfy. The app will also serve your other financial needs like insurance and loans if need be. 

Investments made simple!

You can download the app and start investing here.

Download the app on iOS or on Android.

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