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Most powerful Indian companies in the world

Forbes came up with a Global 2000 list of largest & most powerful companies and 54 Indian companies found a place in the list with the leading one being Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industry. [Check out the list of Richest people in India]

The Forbes Global 2000 is a list of most powerful companies measured by revenue, profits, assets and market value.

The company from India which tops the list is Reliance Industries which is ranked 135 in the list.

Forbes 2000

Other companies in the list are: Oil and Natural Gas ranked 176, ICICI Bank (304), Tata Motors (332), Indian Oil (416), HDFC Bank (422), Coal India (428), Larsen & Toubro (500), Tata Consultancy Services (543), Bharti Airtel (625), Axis Bank (630), Infosys (727), Bank of Baroda (801), Mahindra & Mahindra (803), ITC (830), Wipro (849), Bharat Heavy Electricals (873), GAIL India (955), Tata Steel (983) and Power Grid of India (1011). (source)

The top 3 slots in the global ranking are dominated by the Chinese companies. JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway are the other 2 companies in the top 5 list.

US had the most number of companies in the list and the exact number is 564 companies.

While Japan has 225 companies in the list. China has a total of 207 companies in the list.

The total assets of these Global 2000 were valued at 161 trillion $, revenues of 38 trillion $ and profits of 3 trillion $.

India has a long way to go. Hopefully Reliance Industries would enter the top 100 list within the next couple of years if all their strategies and plans take of well and on time as well.

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