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Motilal Oswal’s Revamped MO Investor App

Motilal Oswal is a well-known brand and has 33 years of experience in equity and mutual funds. Now MotilalOswalhas launched its upgraded MO Investor App which is enhanced with some unique features and products. While this app provides regular features about investing in stocks and mutual funds, it has also added new products for investment like theme-based mutual fund portfolios, investment in US-listed stocks, and intelligent advisory portfolios which are very useful for investors. There are 8 Lakhs+ downloads for this App (as per the claim on their website).  In this article, we give you a brief about the upgraded App and web platform on whats are the new updates.

Key Features of MO Investor App

Here are the features of the App.

  • Stock SIPCustomizable Multi-Asset Watchlist
  • Enhanced Get Quote Page
  • EDUMO – A series of 2-3 mins educational videos on Financial markets
  • Simplified Trade Reports
  • Swift Investment In IPO with UPI
  • Live Market Updates

New products for investment on the MO Investor App

  • Theme Based & Crafted Mutual Fund Portfolio’s
  • Intelligent Advisory Portfolio’s (IAP)
  • Invest in Model Portfolio’s
  • Invest in US Equities

You can enter your mobile number and download the IOS or Android App. Visit the new website by clicking on this link.

You need to have a trading & Demat account to utilize these features. If you don’t have, you can open a Demat account online first. Theme based mutual fund portfolios:  It provides meticulously selected schemes, recommendations based on investment style (Aggressive, Balanced & Conservative), the option to choose the desired investment amount & frequency health creation with recommended funds & longer vision.

Stock SIP: Invest in equity stocks every month, in defined quantity to grow your investments over time. Key benefits of Stock SIP are:

  • Get advantage of the power of compounding
  • Enjoy benefits from Rupee cost averaging
  • Guard portfolio from short term market fluctuations
  • Path to access – Go to Main Menu >> Invest NOW >> Stock SIP

Intelligent Advisory Portfolio (Equity portfolios): This product is a robo managed investment process where your portfolio would be re-balanced in real-time without any lock-in period.

Invest in model portfolios: This is an equity model portfolio, which consists of some high growth potential stocks. The good part is that only dividend yield stocks are considered as part of these model portfolios.

Invest in US equities: With this app, you not only do online share trading, but you can invest in US stocks too. You can invest in US companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, etc., directly.

Get a quote page with analytics: The detailed get a quote page on the App and web is enhanced now and simple to read in-depth information about the stock. It comes with advanced fundamental indicators for a quick investment decision. Key Information to look for on this page are:

  • Key Indicators
  • Financials
  • Key Ratios – Financial & Turnover
  • Stock News
  • Peer Comparison
  • Corporate Action
  • Research Reports
  • MF Holdings and more

Mutual fund Invest made easy through  MO Investor App?

This app provides a unique product of Theme based mutual fund recommendations. Here are additional details about it.

Theme bases Mutual Funds

You can Invest in meticulously selected scheme basis your preference like funds with the best returns, top-rated funds, tax saver funds, better than FD’s, etc.,

Curated Mutual Fund Portfolios

You can invest in a ready-made MF portfolio based on investing style Aggressive, Balanced & Conservative. Basis of your style you will be recommended a portfolio that consists of best-performing schemes.

Why should you consider  opting for MotilalOswal MO Investor App

Here are some advantages of using this investment App:

1) There no monthly and annual subscription charges.

2) Excellent app for beginners who want to do online stock trading.

3) This app provides advanced investors/traders’ quick access to stock news, stock price analysis, and several other indicators that might help investors to make a decision.

4) Its model portfolio& readymade equity portfolio can help beginners to start investment who do not have much knowledge and time in the stock market.

5) Its theme-based mutual funds can help new mutual fund investors to pick-up some relevant funds to start with.

6) Technical and fundamental analysis of your favorite stock portfolio and can help you to trade faster.

Conclusion: MO investor App is being enhanced now, which has several unique features and products. I would advise you to check whether these features are useful to you and then you can start using such investment Apps.

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