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Net FII investment in India stands close to 200 billion USD

India opened it’s door to the global markets and investors post 1991. This only happened because of economic liberalization in India.

Foreign companies and investors started investing in India since 1992 and since then the FII’s have invested net of (about) 197 billion USD. Out of 197 billion USD – 167 is contributed by equity and 30 from debt investment.

In 2014 alone FII’s have contributed a net of 10 billion $. 5 billion in equity and debt market each.

In equity FII’s invested a net of 8.5K cr in April till now, 20.7K cr in March, 1.4K cr in Feb and 0.8K cr in Jan.Making an approximate investment of 30K cr.

In debt market again the FII’s have invested close to 30K crore.

NIFTY movement since Jan 2014

NIFTY movement since Jan 2014 | Image source: Google Finance

FII’s are hoping for stable government to come in post elections.

FII’s have taken the Indian equity markets to all new heights where Sensex is above 22K and NIFTY above 6.8K.

NIFTY gave 7.63% returns starting 1st Jan 2014.

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