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Online real estate portals make it easier to buy and rent a home

It’s a trend to buy online now – it has helped everyone in a very big way by providing more options and save time. It has made markets more open and helped customers gain access to more options when it comes to variety of products available.

Online real estate portals have proved to be a boon as they not only provide information related to the availability of property but also help you in a legal way if you wish to buy or rent it. Some also offer advisory services.

When compared with offline brokers these portals offer much more options and are also cost effective as the broker commissions are huge in India looking into consideration the average house prices are pretty high.

online real estate portals

Major benefits of using these portals:

Saves on high broker fees and enables direct buying form builders or re-sellers. Brokers fees are huge – if you buy house worth 1 cr – broker fees amount to somewhere between 1 to 1.5 lakh. Why not use that money to decorate your home, right?

Customized search – you can search as per location and also filter options which you wish to consider. These algorithms are smart enough to help you find you ideal dream home. By filtering you eliminate the unnecessary properties which would have wasted your time.

Verified properties – You get to search for authentic properties with no misleading information. These websites encourage sellers to get the property verified so they can get more responses. Many details regarding the properties are collected from the seller. You can check for photos and some also offer 3D visual views.

Other services offered – Most of these websites offer advisory services online. They have also started to offer online rental agreement services.

Few of such sites are: housing.com, makaan.com, among others. 

So what will you use when you wish to buy a new property – offline broker or online real estate portals?

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