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A Brief Introduction: Well, we all are human beings and we often do make mistakes. The bankers are responsible for the updating of CIBIL reports every month. But there are chances of mistakes while doing certain data entries. The mistakes may include the wrong account and loan type, wrong status, wrong ownership type, wrong dates, [...]

Coronavirus cases globally have reached 3,916,245. We are almost near the 4 million figure. While in India the numbers are over 56K cases. Director of AIIMS Delhi states that the coronavirus cases in India would peak in June-July this year. Taxes in fuel account to 70% of the retail price –  After the excise duty [...]

Globally Coronavirus cases have crossed 3.8 million with over 2.6 lakh deaths. In India, the figure of total infected people crossed 50 thousand mark yesterday. GSK to sell 5.69% stake in HUL worth $3.2-3.4 billion British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline Pte and Horlicks Limited plan to sell 5.69 percent stake in Hindustan Unilever (HUL) via block deals [...]

Everything in the news these days is related to #COVID19. A Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) report has stated that over 12.2 crore people in India have lost their jobs due to the lockdown. This comes to about 10% of the whole population. The report also states that the unemployment rate in India now [...]

A lot of countries in the world have already eased the lockdown or looking forward to easing the lockdown. This had lead to the crude prices move up today by roughly 5% in the international market as they anticipate an increase in the demand for crude. The gold craze for Indians has come to a [...]

Mahindra Mutual Fund to become Mahindra Manulife Investment Management Manulife, Canada based global financial services group has now completed acquisition of 49% stake in Mahindra AMC. With this, the fund house will be called Mahindra Manulife Investment Management, subject to approval from ROC and SEBI. Mahindra AMC and Manulife had announced that they would enter [...]

Almost everything today is available online be it fashion, food, tickets, or anything else. Online financial services have also advanced to a great extent with more and more people using online and mobile banking services. I don’t remember when I last visited my bank branch, thanks to mobile banking. The online broking industry is no [...]

The rate of women entrepreneurship has steadily increased over last few years. Finance is regarded is one of the major problem for women entrepreuners. Government has introduced various schemes to support women in setting up business. These schemes are mentioned below: Stree Shakti Package For Women Entrepreneurs: This is a SBI-run scheme to support entrepreneurship [...]

As much as it is important for men to do financial planning for the future, women should also indulge in it considering now they are also working at par with men and are independent. Firstly write down what you’re aiming for and how much money is required to achieve that. It’s better to start saving [...]

We all dream of buying a home. In fact, I would say it’s good to have one property which you can call it your own. A physical property will serve as a tangible fixed asset which will provide returns in the form of appreciation and rental income in case you rent it out. These days [...]