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ReAssure Health insurance plan by Max Bupa

COVID-19 cases are on the rise and people are talking about immunity and insurance covers. 80% of the population in India doesn’t have a medical cover or insurance cover, this is a real threat in a pandemic situation.

The other challenge is increasing medical expenditure and access to quality healthcare.

Looking at such a scenario, Max Bupa has recently launched ReAssure a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides a truly unlimited sum insured for any type of hospitalization including the ones related to COVID-19.

As the name suggests ReAssure here means customers can make multiple claims for the same or different illnesses by single or multiple policy members in the same year up to the base sum insured. This means a ReAssure customer will not fall short of insurance coverage, as there is no capping on the number of claims. The plan also covers critical illnesses.

Let’s take an example –

Ram’s family of four people (Ram, his wife, and two kids) are insured with Max Bupa ReAssure policy with INR 20 lakh floater sum insured. In case one of them gets diagnosed with COVID 19 or any other disease covered in the policy and needs hospitalization, then he or she can claim coverage up to INR 20 lakh along with the ReAssure benefit getting triggered. Next claim onwards an additional amount of INR 20 lakh per claim for as many numbers of claims as needed will be available for any insured or any illness in the same policy year. ReAssure benefit will be triggered by the first claim, even if two family members get hospitalized at the same time.

Features and benefits of ReAssure plan –

  • This policy covers persons in the age group of 91 days to 65 years.
  • Pre hospitalization expense of 60 days and post-hospitalization expense of 180 days is covered, provided the expense is related to the same treatment.
  • Family discount is offered in the policy, you get a 10% discount on premium if 2 or more members are being covered under an individual policy.
  • Road ambulance is covered in almost all Max Bupa policies, while this policy also covers air ambulance.
  • Health checkups are covered in this policy from Day 1.
  • Doctor discount – the policy offers an additional premium discount of 5% if an insured person is a certified medical practitioner. This is a great gesture for frontline medical professionals.
  • Tenure Discount – You get a discount of 7.5% on the premium of the second policy year if you pay for a 2-year policy term in advance, and an additional 15% discount on the third year’s premium if you choose a 3-year policy term.
  • Booster Benefit is specially designed to ensure that your health coverage extends further. With this benefit, double your sum insured in just 2 claim-free years. This means, if no claims are made in the preceding Policy Year, your Base Sum Insured increases by 50% subject to a maximum of 100%.
  • Cashless claim processing in 30 mins. One can avail of the cashless facility at 5000+ network hospitals.

Here is the most interesting Reward/ Incentive which the brand has to offer –

  • Live Healthy benefit – Get an additional renewal premium discount of up to 30% basis of the health points collected by you on Max Bupa Health App. To avail of this benefit, all you have to do is collect health points by taking steps counted on Max Bupa Health App.

COVID-19 specific benefits:

  • For COVID-19 related hospitalization, the initial waiting period in the policy is only 15 days, vis a vis 30 days under traditional health insurance plans.
  • No impact on booster benefit in case of COVID-19 related claims. This means in spite of a claim being made, the sum insured will not be reduced and will be treated as if no claims were made
  • In case of the death of an insured person who was hospitalized due to COVID-19, all non-payable items will also be paid for.

The policy looks attractive considering today’s scenario. You can check this link for more details. 

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