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Single Goal Financial Planning Tool

We had come up with a single goal financial planning tool way back in 2011 and we had got a good response and feedback only because of which we have come up with a version 1.1 today.

The earlier version didn’t consider inflation but this version we have added a parameter of inflation (real rate of return).

Single goal financial plan is a simple tool by which you determine how will you be able to buy a particular need of yours. The tool takes into consideration your income and based on that determines your investment needs. Math involved : Time value of money.

Try out the tool: Remember to only edit cells in yellow

Other points to note:

  • You may invest this amount to achieve your future needs.
  • If you cannot make such a big investment all at once then take a SIP route. Diversify you money in various kind of funds.
  • Your past investment is not considered.
  • There are end number of investment strategies you may choose the one you feel is good.

If you see any scope of improvement in the tool or any bug in the tool please do let us know. We would avoid the mistake in version 1.2.

If you liked the tool please do spread a word about it. Thanks 🙂

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