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SIP Calculator

We all know how SIP’s can help you in the process of wealth creation. SIP works wonders for investors with limited knowledge of stock markets and for people who don’t have much time to track markets and analyse stocks.

SIP are a must in once portfolio as they help you diversify across asset class.

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How can this SIP calculator help you?

Say you wish to invest Rs 1000 pm. for a period of 25 years and you have an estimate of required rate of return or your expected return and this adjusts for inflation and gives you a future value of your current investment.

You can use this tool by simply filling figures in yellow cells. You can also download this excel sheet by clicking ‘Save as Excel’.

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  • Jignesh Shah August 2, 2018, 6:02 am

    Make use of the SIP calculator to find out the returns from any type of mutual funds investment you want to make. It gives a clear picture of the return that you will get and is highly useful when you want to make a systematic investment for a long term period as it tells you what the gains are instantly helping you decide whether or not to proceed with putting money into the fund or not.

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