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Sometimes,Renting it Out Makes More Sense than Buying

It’s not always important to buy things you use.Sometimes, it makes sense to rent these things.

We live in the world where globalization has picked up at a breakneck pace, and it is easy for anyone to settle anywhere across India. Not only India, but it’s become easy to settle abroad as well. So when you are constantly on the move, renting makes more sense than buying.

When we move across cities, do we take our appliances and furniture as well? Do they fit in the same way they did in your previous flat? Not really I guess.

So here is a solution mainly for furniture and appliances. You can rent them in the city you move in.

Also buying and selling old stuff can get tedious at times. And technology changes every day and so would your taste. In this case, renting makes sense.

Rentomojo is an online portal where you can find stuff you would like to rent for daily life needs such as furniture, home appliances, and even two-wheelers. They say renting is better than paying your EMI’s.

Main benefits of Rentomojo are:

  • No tension of selling off your stuff when you wish to shift to another city. Just return the product to Rentomojo and stop paying the rent. So essentially, with Rentomojo, you only pay for what you have used. This resonates with their belief of use more, pay less.
  • Also, they let you swap products when you get bored of the same look or wish to change your interiors. It’s easy, and just a click away.
  • Moreover, Rentomojo provides you annual cleaning on your rented furniture. How many times have you serviced and cleaned your own furniture that you bought? Barely, correct? Getting a yearly cleaning from professionals would make life easier and save you time as well as money.
  • Rentomojo also gives you the liberty to extend your existing subscription or cut it short, giving you leeway to a more flexible lifestyle.
  • Moving to a different city? They offer free relocation service so that wherever you go, your subscription follows at no extra cost.
  • The quality of products offered by them is also as good as new owing to their strict quality check.
  • Free maintenance – they provide you with free repair or replacement of the products.

Check out more benefits offered by Rentomojo here.

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