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4 states election results to play a crucial role to decide the market movement

Developed economies around the world are doing extremely well with US markets at 14 years high. In the last one year US markets offered 35% returns while Indian markets only offered 6% – check out the findings.

The election results which are going to be announced tomorrow (Sunday) will decide the fate of the markets on Monday.

election and stock markets

According to a poll conducted on ET – If BJP wins in all four states then market will see a sharp up-move and if it wins in 2 states then the market might correct.

According to various analysts higher side range for NIFTY remains at 6500 while on the lower side they expect 5900.

We expect NIFTY to gain 50 odd points if BJP wins in 3 states while if it wins only in 2 states markets will fall. It also depends if a particular party is winning with a clear majority. If the government is formed with an alliance markets might react differently.

US markets ended on a positive note  on Friday because of a good employment numbers and recovering economy.

What’s your take on the markets? Comment and share your thoughts.

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