financial planning

This is one of the queries I recently got at one of my workshops. Obviously, this did not have a straight answer and hence I told him I shall revert by email later. By instinct, I felt it is very much possible.  I sat down and wrote this: Yes, it is very much possible and [...]

Importance of financial planning

Financial planning is not a new concept since ages people have been doing financial planning majorly in form of capital rationing and investing. However, in the modern world introduction of a vast range of financial products has made financial planning a difficult task. People find it difficult in identifying where to invest and where not [...]

Young professionals who are entering into the workplace will certainly have many responsibilities and a lot of things to consider in their professional lives. There may be many questions arising in your mind with regards to money management for the future. You may be wondering how to achieve financial stability. Don’t worry; the following financial [...]

When it comes to individuals financial profiles there are usually three categories of people. The first are the people who spend beyond their means, the second kind of people who are able to just spend what they have and then the third group of people will spend less than they can afford. It’s been estimated [...]

Non-resident Indians around the world are doing well in terms of finances. Indian tend to save decent proportion of the money what  they earn. Last year Indians across the world sent home around 70 billion USD (2012-13). This year during Jan – July period remittance increased quite a lot as rupee has depreciated substantially. A [...]