Indian Stock Markets

One of the most awaited day of this year was yesterday, the nation got a new Prime Minister – Narendra Modi who won clear cut yesterday. The exit polls had predicted a similar kind of victory for the NDA. For the first time in 30 years a party has won clear majority on its own. In [...]

Yesterday Sensex crossed 24K mark  intraday. It closed a 100 odd points below the same level, although it made a new life time high on closing basis. Markets gained yesterday because of the exit poll results. The exit polls have predicted that, the NDA will get between 249 – 340 seats whereas the UPA will likely end up [...]

Most of the global markets are struggling to stay in green while Indian markets reached all time high today. 23,000 on Sensex is just 6 points away on closing basis while it peaked 23,048.49 intraday. There are talks according to exit polls NDA would perform better compared to the ruling party. The move which was [...]

Forbes came up with a Global 2000 list of largest & most powerful companies and 54 Indian companies found a place in the list with the leading one being Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industry. [Check out the list of Richest people in India] The Forbes Global 2000 is a list of most powerful companies measured by [...]

Stock markets have given awesome returns in the last couple of months. NIFTY has moved up 8% odd in just four months. Awesome right? If you have not yet invested in the stock markets you might be filling that you missing out on something that might had made you richer.. Right? Not all but many people [...]

Indian markets along with other emerging economies enjoyed the bull run in the last decade but now again US economy is picking up and so are the stocks. US listed stocks have performed seemingly well in the last 12 months. Stocks like Facebook almost doubled in a year, Google gave 60% odd returns in the [...]

Benchmark index –  Sensex is about 150 points away from it’s lifetime high. Its a situation where the markets can either go up or down. Many investors anticipate the Indian markets to cross the previous high during this Diwali. Even an ET poll states the same but by January 2014. I stumbled across an interesting [...]

Last Friday turned out to be the Black Friday for the Indian stock markets! Indian markets were down about 4% odd. This has happened for the first time in 4 to 4.5 years. Yesterday we saw another 300 odd points drop in Sensex and 100 odd points on NIFTY. NIFTY returns since 1st Jan 2013 [...]