Mutual Funds

This is one of the queries I recently got at one of my workshops. Obviously, this did not have a straight answer and hence I told him I shall revert by email later. By instinct, I felt it is very much possible.  I sat down and wrote this: Yes, it is very much possible and [...]

One of the most important rule of investing is that you should also have debt products in your investment basket along with equity products. If you have not yet invested in debt, this may be the right time to invest in debt funds looking at the peaking interest rates in the economy. [Read more about [...]

NAV stands for Net Asset Value, it is the value of a Mutual Funds assets less the value of its liabilities. By mutual fund I mean a particular scheme/fund of an AMC. [Checkout: All about investing in Mutual Funds] The formula which is used to calculate NAV is:  Net Asset Value of a mutual fund (MF) = Total assets managed – [...]

Selecting a good Mutual fund is a difficult task as it needs reasonable understanding of the industry, analyzing various sectors in which it invests, etc. If you don’t take help of an advisor it can be a difficult task. For this SEBI came up with colour coding of Mutual Funds to determine the riskiness of [...]

A mutual fund is a type of professionally managed collective investment scheme that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. These investors are the general public, institutions, HNI’s, etc. While the organization which manages the mutual fund is an Asset Management Company aka. AMC. The securities in which these AMC’s invest in are – [...]