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Tax saving advice for millennials – Practical ways to save tax

Like all savings-minded individuals, I believe all grand plans to save come with a caveat. I would be interested only in tried-and-tested ways and whether they are easy to implement. Having put some effort into this, here’s some insight on this subject that I gathered over the last few months.

The good news for us, working professionals, is that the Indian government is very supportive of digitised initiatives. And, we can save in taxes by opting for digitised benefits. If you happen to be in a planning mode, it’s perhaps the right time to consider legally-compliant ways. Simply ask for benefits that all salaried professionals like you and me are eligible for. They’re popularly known as employee benefits or tax benefits.

Being slightly skeptical about savings schemes and with so much uncertainty about the future, I’d put my trust mainly in government-approved options. Some of these options, legally known as perquisites and allowances are offered to all employees to save more of our hard-earned money. They are a legitimate way of reducing taxes. Well, anything ranging from meal vouchers to make food purchases to medical reimbursements could be considered a tax benefit. Moreover, with the RBI phasing out paper meal vouchers in its latest directive, e-meal vouchers for employees are becoming more popular and accepted.

I was on the lookout for a simple way to save tax, something that is relevant to my routine needs. And, I stumbled upon Zeta Optima, a smart tax benefits suite that can help salaried professionals save beyond Rs. 80,000 in taxes – without us having to do much. You must need flexibility to address your preferences. Whether it is meal vouchers or claiming medical, communications, fuel, gadget reimbursements, you get to choose what’s important to you.

How many times have you been in a situation where you’ve lost your bills when it’s time to make claims? Now, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. With Zeta Optima, you can complete the whole claims’ process within minutes with zero paperwork. It’s been quite a relief. Don’t waste your time storing bills and searching for them later to claim reimbursements. You can claim-on-the-go! In the midst of a busy day, just have to click a photo and upload the bill on the app. Expenses are reimbursed after verification, typically within two days.

Being a food buff (or for all food buffs), it’s extremely convenient to order from popular food delivery stores integrated within the Zeta app. Besides, you can save up to Rs. 7,920 in taxes and use these vouchers across many food outlets, online stores, and your cafeteria. All you have to do is talk to your HR about it.

Convenient for millennials

What appealed to me the most is Zeta’s payment options. You have the choice of using either: 1) the Zeta app, 2) Super Card or 3) the NFC-enabled Super Tag. Personally, I like the app-based transactions because they are extremely easy. I tried using the Zeta Super Card too and it functions just like any debit card. What’s really interesting is that it uses a dynamic PIN, a security standard to keep your card safe. Don’t worry about remembering or saving your PIN anywhere. Zeta’s Super PIN takes care of it.

And for the new-age fans, contactless payments are to the rescue! Tap the NFC-enabled Super Tag on a reading device for quick payments. Alternatively, web version of Zeta can be used to make payments. The advantage here is that you get to control how you want to make payments. With the availability of many methods, you get to choose how to access your meal voucher tax benefits solution.

While you are deciding your tax benefits, do keep in mind that the government has made a provision of saving over and above Rs. 1.5 lakhs per year under section 80C. Taking maximum advantage of this benefit leads to a greater saving.

Easy to adopt

Signing up with Zeta is easy. Besides the tax saving potential, I’m fascinated by the wide set of options to use Zeta Optima across several outlets in the country.

Having experienced the limitations of paper-based solutions, and laborious claims processes, I think Zeta Optima is a reasonable choice for anyone wanting to save.

As we look ahead, with rapid digitisation already taking over, tax benefits, will be no exception. If you’re keen on taking advantage of tax savings, then speak to your HR to start using digitised benefits.

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