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Thinking of investing in real estate? Check out Smartowner

I know this post comes at a time when real estate is not a trendy investment topic as compared to Bitcoins. But, as they say, buy when others are selling, or rather not buying. Real estate which has definitive tangible value is a good investment – the empirical data states that.

The prices have corrected marginally in major metros due to demonetization recently.

I see that US housing prices, which dropped significantly in 2008 and 2009, have bounced back from their lows. Indian market can nowhere be compared to the housing market in the USA mainly because of the demographics. Also, we ain’t in any sub-prime bubble.

People need houses – or rather better and bigger homes – with increasing income and the standard of living.

I know a lot of people shy away from investing in real estate majorly because of the legal work involved and the ticket size of the investment. Also getting a property at discounted rate makes more sense than buying at a premium.

So what’s the solution?

Buying it from a known builder? Or buying a ready to move in flat with the clear title but paying a big premium?

Not according to the folks at Smartowner, who have got some smart ideas for investing in real estate.

The sellers want to sell their properties at an attractive rate and an individual buyer would find it really difficult to buy from these developers at an attractive rate because of an information and knowledge gap. Also, there are a lot of deals available in the market where the builders are looking for capital, but not many people know about or can afford such deals. People would want to participate, but they are unable to source the deals themselves.

SmartOwner fixes this by redefining what it means to be a buyer in this transaction. By making the deal available online, they are bringing investors together and are able to dramatically increase the number of potential buyers at this end of the market.This business model works with any high-value asset.

Hows does Smartowner work?

First, Smartowner scours the market to obtain opportunities available nowhere else. Thorough due-diligence is done by their legal and projects team for the same.

Then, this exclusive deal is offered to you, the client. You make your purchase online to lock in the opportunity. Next, wire the purchase price to their secure escrow account. They allow you to purchase at a price that suits your portfolio.

Finally, you sit back and allow them to handle all the legwork as you benefit from the upside. Whether it’s ensuring you receive a quarterly return from a commercial asset or reselling a residential property for you, they will help you out in this.

Check out their listed properties here.

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