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Hey there! We have created a few excel based tools and calculators which will help you in your investing process.

In 2014 we plan to create at-least 10 tools to help you with your financial decision making process!

Tools which are currently live:

Single goal financial planning calculator: This tool will help you with planning for your future purchase or even for your child’s education. Uses the concept of time value of money. Try the Single goal financial planning tool now.

Loan EMI Calculator: This tool will help you find out everything about your loan repayment. Jots down the amortization schedule as well. Check out Loan EMI Calculator now.

How much insurance cover do you need?: This tool helps you to find out how much additional insurance cover do you need to support your family. Check out the tool now.

SIP CalculatorHere.

Compound interest calculator – 

Know all about the magic of compounding – here. Download excel calculator – here.

The tools created by us might not be 100% accurate so we would want to hear from you and we would try to improve them.