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Top 10 companies in India by Market Capitalization

Market Capitalization is value of a particular company at a point of time. It is calculated as total number of shares outstanding multiplied by the current price of the shares, for example – total number of shares outstanding are 1000 and the current market price is Rs 100/- then the market cap of the company is 1,00,000 Rs.

Any guess for which company tops the list in India?

List of Top 10 companies in India by Market Capitalization:

10. State Bank of India – Rs 1,97,873.77


The leader of national banks is 10th in terms of market cap. It owns assets worth 300 billion USD+. Also has more than 14,000 branches across India.

9. Hindustan Unilever Ltd – Rs 1,99,275.16

The FMCG major of India is 9th in this list and is just a little ahead of SBI in this list.

8. ONGC – Rs 2,02,894.16

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is a Government of India company which produces around 70% of India’s crude which is equivalent of 30% of the domestic demand, the rest of which is majorly imported.

7. ITC Ltd -Rs 2,07,939.65

FMCG major from India which diversified into hotel chains as well is just a little ahead of it’s competitor Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

6. Coal India Ltd. Rs 2,10,934.84

Mining major of India is 6th in the list owing to India’s dependence on the coal.

5. HDFC – Rs 2,20,159.32

The privately owned bank’s one vertical is 5th in the list.

4. Infosys Rs 2,40,035.32

One the leader in IT is now the second best in the sector with its shares trading at 52 weeks low.

3. HDFC Bank Rs 3,26,134.18

The banking division of HDFC is the third largest in India. The combined market cap of HDFC and HDFC bank is huge if merged.

2. Reliance Industries. Rs – 3,27,758.26

Company owned by the richest person in India – Mukesh Ambani is the second largest company in India. The company majorly deals in oil and gas and now has diversified into telecom.

1. Tata Consultancy Services. Rs 4,95,260.04


The company is one of the leading software exporter and is almost double in size then its nearest competitor Infosys. Its a part of Tata group and company has gained importance in the last decade.

We took 02/09/2016 EOD share prices in calculating market cap.

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