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This website gives you all economic data about a particular country

Economic data is one of the major requirement when it comes to investing. You need reliable data from which you can draw interpretations and future projections. One such website where you can get all economic data/ indicators of all the economies globally is – tradingeconomics.com

The website has indicators like – Gov. bond yield, stock markets returns, GDP, PPP, unemployment rate, etc. Check out the complete list of indicators on Indian economy.

It also gives you a graphical representation of the data which you require. Here for example I have taken data of India’s GDP Annual growth rate:

India GDP Annual Growth Rate

It also has economic calender which can help the investors to plan for near term.

According to this website India is the 11th largest economy globally growing at 4.4% annually.

It also has an app for android which is free to download.

If you know of any such website feel free to share with us by commenting below.

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