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Where and how much do Indians invest? [The Indian Wealth Report 2013]

The Indian Wealth report 2013 highlights some interesting facts, as stated below.

Currently 55% of the total individual wealth is in Financial Assets and 45%  is in physical form.

Private wealth is estimated to double by 2017.. [People might start saving more and earning more as well. Or more people might start investing who currently don’t invest. This is possible with the help of financial inclusion.]

Asset Allocation in different assets (Proportion invested):

Asset Allocation in different instruments
  • Gold, the single largest form of wealth in India and second is Real Estate.
  • In Financial Assets it’s Debt (FD & Bonds) and Stocks.
  • Mutual Funds merely accounts to 1.7%..
  • Fixed deposits and bonds will be the second largest in 2017-18.

Investing patters: World v/s India

Investing Patern
  • Investment in alternative investment in India is 3 times that of the world average.
  • Investment in Real Estate and Equity is lower compared to world average..

Source: Economic Times

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